The Only Holiday Gift Guide You'll Need This Year! ūüź∂

The Only Holiday Gift Guide You'll Need This Year! ūüź∂

At Blink, we love supporting small businesses. Here is a list of some of our favorite gifts for the holiday season!

Holiday Gift Guide 2022
  1. Fleur Hanging Felt Ornament: Designed by Cari Vander Yacht, available at High Low Gift Shop
  2. Baguette: An enrichment toy designed by Lambwolf Collective. Trust us, your dog will be entertained for hours!
  3. Classic Jacket: The perfect retro jacket handmade by Boot Scootin
  4. Sololá Collar: Limited-edition slip collar made from handwoven Guatemalan textile designed by Moose Wears
  5. The Original Hound Collar: Classic leather dog goods designed by Hound and the Half
  6. (Technically this earns two spots). We love a custom pet portrait and Tom Bingham is at the top of our wishlist! Check out his Instagram for availability. He also makes other illustrations inspired by dogs like this Blue Dog Bootleg Matisse print
  7. 12 Day Dog Treat Advent Calendar: Gingerbread-style dog treat made with all natural ingredients available at Jackson Made
  8. Paw-fect Bed: A playfully designed dog bed handmade in Portland by ProbaPaws
  9. One of a Kind Dog Bowls: Add these bowls on your wishlist! Handmade dog bowl by talented Brick Brick available at Shop Good Boy
  10. Happy Howlidays: Let your friends and family know how much they are appreciated by sending them hand-painted holiday cards from YeppiePaper


5 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Our mascot and guest writer Bacon (Cockapoo, age 16) has a few things to say about DIY holiday gifts, if your preference is for the handmade!

As a discerning dog with an impeccable taste in gifts, I have compiled a list of the top handmade gifts that I would love to receive from my pet parents this Christmas. 

  1. A hand-knit dog sweater - I am a fashionable dog, and I love to show off my style. A hand-knit dog sweater would be the perfect gift, as it would be made with love and care, and it would be unique and special, just like me!
  2. A homemade dog treat box - I am a foodie, and love nothing more than a good snack. A homemade dog treat box filled with my favorite treats would be the perfect gift, as it would show my owner's thoughtfulness and it would keep me happy and well-fed.
  3. A DIY dog toy - I am a playful dog, and I love to chase, fetch, and chew on my toys. A DIY dog toy made by my owner's own hands would be the perfect gift, as it would be one-of-a-kind and it would provide me with endless entertainment!
  4. A personalized dog portrait - I am a handsome dog and I love to be admired. A personalized dog portrait painted by my owner's own hand would be the perfect gift, as it would capture my unique spirit and it would be a lasting reminder of my beauty and charm!
  5. A cozy and warm knit blanket - There's nothing I love more than snuggling up with a soft and cozy blanket, and a handmade knit blanket would be the perfect gift for me. I want a blanket that is made from a plush and warm fabric, that features a fun and colorful pattern. I want a blanket that I can curl up with on cold winter nights that will keep me warm and comfortable.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Blink!