How To Make Your Brass Tag Shine Like New ✨

How To Make Your Brass Tag Shine Like New ✨

Did you know that solid brass doesn’t rust? Over time, exposure to the environment and the oils in your pet’s coat will darken your tag.

In our previous tutorial we covered how to clean your brass tags naturally using ketchup, but if you're looking for a significantly faster solution you’ve come to the right place! Today we're going to show you how to give your tag a mirror finish in less than 5 minutes using our polishing kit.

Blink Polishing Kit

What you’ll need

Flitz Polish

Take a small amount of Flitz (about a ¼ of the size of a pea will do) and rub it all over the tag. Using a clean soft cloth (an old t-shirt will work) wipe the tag thoroughly until you’ve removed the polishing compound. This may take a few wipes. The tag should look pretty shiny already.

Polishing solid brass

Now, use the white polishing pad to buff the surface. The polishing pad effectively removes tarnish and oxidation. You can even skip the Flitz and jump to this step if your tag does not need a deep clean.

polishing solid brass

TA-DA! With just a few simple steps you can make your tag shiny no matter how tarnished it is. You can see the before (left side) and after (right side) in the image above.

Washing brass tags with soap

Now that you’ve achieved your desired shine, the last step is to wash your tag with dish soap and pat dry. Make sure your tag is completely dry; moisture can tarnish your tag all over again!

Polished solid brass tags

Install one of the new split rings provided with your kit and your tag will look like new! With their now-pristine tag your four-legged friend will no doubt shine with confidence!