The Most Popular Pet Names of 2022!

The Most Popular Pet Names of 2022!

Ears up! We made over 3000 pet tags in 2022 and are truly grateful for your support! As curious pet parents, we wanted to see what names were most popular. Did your best friend make the list?

The Top 20 Names of 2022

The top name this year for the third year running is: Luna. We made over 125 Luna tags! Our thinking behind why Luna is such a popular name: y’all love your dogs and cats to the moon and back!

  1. LUNA
  4. RUBY
  5. SCOUT
  8. DAISY
  9. FINN
  10. PEPPER
  11. MILO
  12. POPPY
  13. ARCHIE
  14. WINNIE
  15. HENRY
  16. GUS
  17. OTIS
  18. LOLA
  19. MOOSE
  20. LEO

The Top 10 Names Inspired by Other Animals

Not just for furry friends with identity crises! Do any of these adorable and often hilarious names reflect your dog or cat’s character?

  1. MOOSE 
  2. LEO
  3. BEAR
  4. GOOSE
  6. OTTER
  7. TUNA
  8. PANDA
  9. BUG


 The Top 10 Most Unique Names

You know better than anyone your best friend is one of a kind! Whether your furry friend is a wild Bandit or soft and sweet like Mochi, these names reflect their unique personalities!

  1. MOO
  2. ROO
  5. MOCHI
  6. OBI-WAN
  10. PABLO


    The Top 10 Names Inspired by Nature

    Flowers, herbs, stones, the land and sky all inspired names for furry friends in 2022. And with the surge in people enjoying the great outdoors with their furry friends in recent years it’s clear why!

    1. LUNA 
    2. DAISY
    3. WILLOW
    4. SUNNY
    5. RIVER
    6. LILY
    7. JUNIPER
    8. BASIL
    9. SAGE
    10. OPAL


      The Top 10 Names Inspired by Food 

      We are all foodies! Naming your pet after a food was second only to giving your pet a human name in 2022. See what your fellow pet AND food lovers were into this past year!

      1. PEPPER
      2. OLIVE
      3. HONEY
      4. COCO
      5. BASIL
      6. BEAN
      7. MISO
      8. GINGER
      9. WHISKEY
      10. MAPLE


        The Top 10 Names Inspired by Mythology and Space

        These names have interesting stories behind them, so we dug in a bit to explain their origins! Giving your dog or cat a mythic name can say a lot about their character — whether they are brave, wise or mischievous — and what makes them unique.

        1. LUNA
        The Roman goddess Luna is the divine embodiment of the Moon.

        2. ODIN
        In Norse mythology, Odin is a god of many things, including wisdom, poetry, war, healing and death. He oversees Valhalla in Asgard, the land of the gods.

        3. APOLLO
        In Greek mythology, Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. He is a god of many things, including music and dance, healing and diseases, archery, and the sun.

        4. ATLAS
        In Greek mythology, Atlas is a Titan who was punished for waging war against Zeus, and condemned to hold up the sky for eternity.

        5. LOKI
        Loki is a Norse god, often described as a trickster. Loki is a shape shifter that can take on the forms of various animals and people

        6. PLUTO
        In Greek mythology, Pluto was the god of the underworld (after Hades). Also a famous Disney dog!

        7. ATHENA
        In Greek mythology, the goddess of wisdom, warfare and handicraft. The Parthenon in Athens is dedicated to her.

        8. MOON
        A moon is a planetary satellite. But to “moon” is to spend time in a lazy manner!

        9. ASTRO
        “Astro” prefixes words pertaining to the stars or celestial bodies.

        10. COSMO
        “Cosmo” prefixes words pertaining to the world or universe.


        Illustrations by BLINK